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The DICOSP Project


DICOSP Project


Digital Competence Profile

DICOSP Project – Competence Profile


Within the framework of the DICOSP project, school psychologists have the opportunity to have their own free digital competence of citizens profile created on the basis of the European DigComp.

The incoming data are anonymized by GEPEDU GmbH, also a project partner, and not individually documented, but rather aggregated to an average profile ‘digital skills of school psychologists’ in order to be able to estimate the training needs of the professional group.

As a school psychologist, you can benefit from this offer and at the same time support the future digital transformation of school psychology!

Depending on the country, school psychologists can have their own free digital competence profile created under the following link:


Get it created for free now


Get it created for free now


Get it created for free now


Get it created for free now

DICOSP Project – Questionnaires

DICOPS Project Questionnaire 1
Questionnaire 1 on training courses offered by universities, professional organizations, employers of school psychologists

In order to get an overview of the training courses on digital skills for school psychologists in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, universities, professional organizations and further training institutions can submit an online questionnaire of approx. 10 minutes by December 31, 2021 as part of the DICOSP project fill in and thus help support further professional qualifications in school psychology. To the Questionnaire ( you can choose a language in the upper right box of the questionnaire)

DICOSP Project Questionnaire 2:
Necessary digital competences in the school psychological practice and training possibilities

In order to get an overview of the needed digital skills in school psychology practice, we like to ask school / educational psychologists to fill out the 30-minute DICOSP questionnaire 2 by January 31, 2022.

Afin d’avoir un aperçu des compétences numériques nécessaires dans la pratique de la psychologie de l’éducation, nous demandons aux psychologues de l’éducation de bien vouloir remplir le questionnaire DICOSP 2 de 30 minutes jusqu’au 31 janvier 2022.

Project Participants